ZSSV-T Pneumatic segment regulating ball valve
ZSSV-TS Pneumatic segment regulating ball valve
ZSSV-TT series pneumatic valve V-regulation
ZSSV - TST series
ZSSV-TF Series
ZSSV-TM Series
ZSSV-E Pneumatic segment cutting ball valve
ZSSV-ES Series
ZSSV-ET Series
ZSSR-T Pneumatic regulating ball valve
ZSSR-TS Pneumatic regulating ball valve
ZSSR-TT Series
ZSSR-TF Series
ZSSR-TM Series
ZSSR-E Pneumatic cutting ball valve
ZSSR-ES Pneumatic cutting ball valve
ZSSR-ET Series
ZSSW-T Series
ZSSW-TS Series
ZSSW-E Pneumatic cutting butterfly valve
ZSSW-ES Pneumatic cutting butterfly valve
ZSHQR-E Series
ZSHQR-T Series
ZSHFJ-E Series
ZKRV-T Series
ZKRV-E Series
ZKRR-T Series
ZKRR-E Electronical cutting ball valve
ZKRW-T Series
ZKRW-E Series
ZKRQR-T Series
ZDZV - 16T electric intelligent quantitative control valves
ZSLDC Pneumatic cutting knife gate valve
ZSLDSA Pneumatic cutting knife gate valve
ZSLDSB Pneumatic cutting knife gate valve
ZKL (MP0) Series
ZSSR - 25EG Series
ZSSJR - E Series
ZKRJR - E series
MPSV - 2000 type manual slurry
PPSV - 2000 type pneumatic slurry
PPSV - 2000 type pneumatic slurry
MS-2000 Series
Slag discharge program controller

 Quality assurance, technical service and after-sales service commitment guarantee letters


One, the company produced goods guarantee period to boot operation normal after passing 2 years.

This warranty period free providing parts and service, and can be effective. Goods receiving the malfunction of the user's information after 12 hours in response and within 1 working day eliminate and consign is used.

Second, goods warranty period expires, provide extensive and preferential still the technical support and spare parts supply. For your company to use the company's products, promises free lifetime maintenance.

Third, comprehensive quick service free of charge

(a) design contact: according to the need of the project, timely send professional and technical personnel and the relevant aspects technical personnel design liaison and technology exchange, to ensure smooth project execution.

(2) on-site technical service: according to the buyer requests, timely send professional engineers on site installation supervision, drive debug.

(3) technical training: the goods before shipment, the user can sent representatives to the goods jabil corporate headquarters pre-acceptance and technical training (operation, goods maintenance and general troubleshooting, etc.) of goods in user unit after the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance personnel of free training again.

(4) the breakdown maintenance: this company commitment in goods warranty period expires, still achieve 12 hours service response.


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