Product technical specification

A, pneumatic v-type regulating ball valve

1. Using moving hard seal structure (national new product) double bearings fixed.

2. V type valve seat and valve seal, use between heat-resistant, corrosion resistance, anti-aging fluorine rubber seal AnnAll reliable.

3. The pneumatic actuators imported meters fonts cylinder, has brasive coefficient, long service life, the sealing performance

As well as good, cylinder piston is wear-resistant four fluorine belt positioning. By gas rose type piston check inverse rings, two-way thrust big, piston rod made of high-quality steel chromium plated sclerosis mirror treatment, minimizing friction coefficient, above the annex Imported components, make the service life of the cylinder 200 million times more.

4. The pneumatic actuators piston rod positioning in powder metallurgy ba-alloyed bearing self-lubricating bearings.

5. The pneumatic actuators adopts IP67 level protection design, dustproof, waterproof.

6. The pneumatic actuators and locator is used to connect the gimbal automatically adjustable heart type connection.

Second, pneumatic type O ball valve

1. Ball core adopts two-way positioning shaft, open torque small, open flexible.

2.adopt full-bore design, flow capacity.

3. Seat adopts two-way metal hard seal structure, the moving on planar hex spring, have automatic filling tastes work can, eliminate heat produced metal expansion, ensure seat flexibility and seal.

4. Double flow design, make when installing the flow direction of medium without consideration.

5. Pneumatic actuators with pneumatic V type valve by the actuators.

6. The company's unique domestic initiative two-way moving hard seal type O ball valve structure, to satisfy the automatic control system control valves proposed precision, sensitivity and reliability requirements. August 2003 praise by zhejiang science and technology hall hair zhejiangJiang provincial high-tech product certificate.

Three, pneumatic switch butterfly valve

1. Butterfly valve adopts the wafer body installation.

2. Butterfly valve seal USES the latest design, triple eccentric butterfly plate, multi-level seal for surface contact seat tightness While, at the same time, with contact, no friction force from, so the valve opening and closing torque is little, allowing differential pressure.

3. When the valve opens or pressure, in the whole sealing seal surface without dead zone, with equally distributed seal, no existing jammed phenomenon.

4. The pneumatic actuators adopts V type regulator same type actuator.

Four, pneumatic switch gate valves

1. Gate valve adopts the most advanced design idea, points A, B, C 3 kinds.ZSLDSA type for disc two stretched out, and in the operating process not plugging slurry grouting, circulation ability, double flow installation.ZSLDC type round head ram, using the disc sealing, rake, maintain edge installation way for single flow, the advantage valves doors open speed.ZSLDSB type for papermaking dedicated slag discharge valve, design of waste residue when the flow, cleaning, washing, gate valve cartridges Wear-resisting are making special processing, is mill slag discharge system optimal control valves.

2. Pneumatic switch gate bearing a lot of slag discharge, not only highly demanding reliability and have long service life, so the switch of jabil corporate in the design of the gate structure and the other parts processing, heat treatment, are fully consider this problem, in home being widely applied, 2004 also exports to the United States. August 2003 the product available Zhejiang science and technology hall of zhejiang province blessed hair high-tech product certificate.

Five, manual V type valve, manual type O valves

1. Manual V type valve, type O valve adopts pneumatic V type, type O valve body structure theory about.

2. In V type valve, the valve type O valve be installed by manual worm box, when shaken the handwheel, make open valve freely, and can adjust the opening, and switch valve, the valve in worm gear box with opening indicator devices, and have worm self-locking function, make valve opening position will not shift.

3. The worm box upside configuration limit switch box, install a switch valve cap that position, outfit electric switch A device can know the opening position.

Six, pneumatic adjusting butterfly valve

1. Actuator adopts V type regulator also the design requirements;

2. Butterfly valve adopts wafer, body convenient installation.

3. Butterfly valve seal USES the latest design triple eccentric butterfly plate, multi-level sealing, for surface contact seat tightness while, at the same time, with contact, no friction force from, so the valve opening and closing torque is little, allowing differential pressure.

4. When the valve opens or pressure, in the whole sealing seal surface, no dead zone, has sealed, uniform distribution does not exist jammed phenomenon.

Seven, steam valves

1. Due to the steam temperature changes affect metal expands, according to determine the expansion coefficient with tolerance and casting The material is qualitative, the seat of the technique, and the special in high temperature conditions, open easily.

2. Considering the metal thermal intentionally lengthen stem heightening to be installed by stents, increase the implementation of the hot distance.

3. Specially used in the steam media at V type type O ball valve, is different from pulp medium V type O ball valve, the valve considers the steam medium cavitation, noise, thermal expansion and other factors, so the levites for steam valves at V type, type O ball valve in the domestic made in recent years in large quantities, replaced by past that big volume weight heavy gasMoving film regulator.

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